Emerson, Manitoba


Jerry Loewen of Pine Ridge Equine Park . . .


"When I switched to hemp bedding for our horses, our boarding customers didn't notice that we changed from wood shavings to hemp chips, but they did comment that the barns seemed cleaner and smelled better. They are as easy to manage as wood shavings, but we use less. Hemp chips are more absorbent and thus last longer because you remove less from the stall."


Shannon of Shallako Acres . . .

"I decided to try hemp BioNesting for my rabbits - I use it in my regular cages as well as for nesting, although my doe especially liked it for nesting as she was able to mould just the perfect "hole". The BioNesting doesn't settle like wood chips, as the long fibres weave together to help keep the shape and yet it is much more absorbant than straw, which makes cage cleaning a much nicer job!"


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